Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Give it ALL to God?

This video from Kimberly Hahn really makes me stop and think. Please take 4 minutes to watch it. Thanks to Elizabeth Foss for sharing it.

Like a big hand upside the head! SMACK! Oh, yes! Everything I am blessed with is from God.

A few weeks ago we were reading Gabriel's religion book. The chapter discussed how God should be #1 in our lives and it led to a fruitful discussion. Gabriel was struggling with that concept and said, "Sometimes I feel like I love my toys and playing more than I love God." I tried to explain to him that when you're young (and even older, but that's another post) it's easy to sort of forget about God until you need something or are hurt or scared or whatever. We talked about how God gives us everything we have, even toys, so it's important to thank Him and remember that we wouldn't have anything without Him. He asked me if we could try harder to say morning prayers everyday. This is a must do. Our days are so much better when we make time for God first.